Cars On Line Slide Show Ad

Cars On Line Slide Show Ad

In a recent newsletter Cars On announced its new next generation SLIDE SHOW ad is now available.

To run a 26-Photo Slide Show Ad you may click this link: 26-Photo Slide Show Ad.

You will be taken to a Cars On Line ad form specifically designed for your SLIDE SHOW. You should have your digital photos on your hard drive ready to link to our form. You should also have your 100-word description saved in a text file ready to paste into the form. Payment is accepted online with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. The cost is $65.00.
Your Slide Show ad will run for up to 90 days.

The new Slide Show ad is viewable on smart phones and tablet computers as well as desktops and laptops. This means that everyone will be able to view Cars On Line Slide Show ads. Previously Slide Show technology was only viewable on desktop and laptop computers. Even Apple MacIntosh computers could not view the older generation Slide Shows.

And when you click on the Slider Window in the new Slide Show ad the photo increases to a high resolution size, up to 800 X 800 pixels, so you can see enlarged versions of the photos. This function is really cool and looks as good on smart phones as it does on your desktop. This changes everything in auto advertising. Click here to view a new SLIDE SHOW ad. Be sure to click on the Slider Window to bring up the larger versions of the photos. How cool!

The SLIDE SHOW ad is perfect for selling classic cars, collector cars, specialty vehicles and classic trucks. Now you can give your potential buyers a virtual tour of your car using up to 26 photos. The buyer watches as each photo comes up in a SLIDE SHOW format. The slideshow viewer appears embedded in your ad. It's like giving the buyer a virtual inspection of the vehicle. Show all the important parts of the car. This is a great way to tell the whole story.

You don't have to be a graphic artist to run a SLIDE SHOW ad on Cars On Line. Our database does all the hard work for you. Just submit up to 26 photos of your car with your order, and we put the show online for you.

We will try to get your ad on Cars On Line the SAME BUSINESS DAY (business day ends at 5 PM, CST) in which you submit your ad to us! (Note: Ads submitted on Saturday night or Sunday will be posted on Monday morning.)

If you have problems attaching your photos to the Cars On Line form, you may attach your photos to an email and send them to: First finish completing the ad form and payment section of the ad. Then send your photos to us by email. We will match your photos with your online order form here at our office.

If your order form has successfully transfered to our server, you will get a "THANK YOU" screen which will ask you if you want to return to Cars On Line. Don't worry if you get a Microsoft warning that you are transferring to an unsecured site. That is normal. When you leave the payment page you are leaving a secure page. Our regular web pages do not have to be secure since you are not transferring info when looking at our regular ad pages.

Slide Show Renewals

To renew your Slide Show Ad. Use the Slide Show Renewal Form. If you would like to renew your existing Slide Show Ad for an additional 90 days you may do so for the cost of just $25.00. You may change your wording on your 100 word description. Please have your new 100 word description saved in a text file so you can paste it into the form. If you do not want to modify your ad please leave the description area blank. Payment is accepted online with Visa or Mastercard. We will use your existing Slide Show Photos.
Click Here to renew your Slide Show Ad.

Slide Show Renewals w/ New Photos

If you wish to renew your Slide Show ad for another 90 days but want to change your photos instead of keeping your existing ones, you can use our new SLIDE SHOW RENEWAL w/ PHOTOS Form. This will let you change all 26 photos on your slideshow if you wish. The cost for this is $35.00. (If you want to use your existing photos, please select the top option for a standard renewal)
Click Here to renew your Slide Show Ad With New Photos